Simply python scripts that mess with your mind
Updated 2024-05-29 19:09:12 +00:00
Codebase for the Torque Controller of the 3rd generation racecar of UGent Racing.
Updated 2023-06-28 13:08:30 +00:00
Game where you have to fool your friends with false answers to trivia quiz questions.
Updated 2022-12-30 20:09:29 +00:00
Implementation of the game Flappy Bird in C
Updated 2022-12-21 07:59:46 +00:00
Website to protect images from facial recognition
Updated 2022-05-29 09:55:48 +00:00
Tool to manipulate and stream gcode files to a 3D printer
Updated 2021-09-06 12:03:20 +00:00
Simple web crawler that generates internet requests to hide your real traffic.
Updated 2021-05-14 09:09:48 +00:00
Game where you can write akward stories with your friends.
Updated 2021-04-04 07:52:10 +00:00
Android app that let's you use your smartphone as a microphone for an audio recorder or computer, by redirecting the microphone input to audio output.
Updated 2021-04-04 07:44:54 +00:00
A Simple Calendar App for Android
Updated 2021-03-28 13:54:19 +00:00
Simple game where players need to escape from a prison by opening boxes, without being deceived by the guard.
Updated 2021-03-07 17:57:42 +00:00
A Simple GPS Logger App for Android
Updated 2021-03-06 14:29:19 +00:00